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What to start with on our delicious menu? We’ve got a new Chorizo Croquette which is pretty damn good. Maybe try that this time and the Goats cheese and Jalapeño ones next time. 🤷‍♀️😋 #littlefootbar #lovefootscray #loveyourwest
Thanks for having us City of Maribyrnong another great networking event as always! The Cotton Mills Business Association was repped today by glowstudiosmelbourne stumpysbunches and havehold 🐈

Footscray Community Arts 

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Hey Footscray, welcome back! Looking forward to our second Thursday Trivia night with quizmeisters tomorrow. 7-9pm and you can book a table via our website. Friday we have absolute sweetheart and CHOICE selector DJ Small Fry on the decks. Saturday should be huge fun with another one of our favourites, the legendary DJ AM Radio bringing awesome vibes. Plus it’s gonna be a Halloween celebration and you know we love a dress up so we encourage going all out with that! Best dressed prizes and a spooky special cocktail are on offer. Sunday weather’s gonna be glorious and there’s no nicer place to hang out than our beautiful courtyard and popup. Have great week everyone.

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By popular demand we've changed the start time of Thursday Trivia to 7pm. Last week was such fun ❤️ and we're looking forward to doing it again this week! Book your table via our website

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Meet our community! Michaela is a design researcher for Campus Intuition, consulting to university property teams about how to improve staff and student experiences on campus. Her work gets her travelling to universities all over Australia and around the world, but most of the time she‘s happily tapping away at her regular three-days-a week hotdesk at the Idea Collective in global Footscray.
The Campus Intuition team are scattered across Australia and the UK, so Michaela uses the Paisley Street workspace as her home base – after a few years of working solo from home through COVID, having a few familiar faces to work beside helps keep her sane. She says the Vietnamese pho cafes just down the street aren’t bad either 😉
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Picture by phillipgaophotography
Meet our community! Liana Lucca-Pope is the founder and facilitator of the Idea Collective, and is also Creative Director of her design studio Hello Idea. She opened her first co-working space on Nicholson St Footscray in 2013 when co-working was not well known - and it was the first such space in Melbourne’s West, winning an Innovative Business Award from cityofmaribyrnong. Liana’s goal was to set up a space she could work from and also share with like-minded business professionals, as a way to share costs, build community and relieve the isolation often felt when working alone or from home. 10 years down the track with the workplace changes brought about by Covid, co-working has seen a resurgence of interest as people discover the downsides to working from home, alone. And there’s a lot to like about co-working. Get in touch if you’d like to come and check us out - we’d love to meet you.
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Picture by phillipgaophotography
A gorgeous day for the beginning of the Littlefoot week. Tomorrow we have Thursday Trivia with Quiz Meisters starting. It should be super fun with lots of laughs and prizes too. 6.30pm weekly - book a table on our website to get the best pozzie. This Friday we have DJ Bec Bartlett on the decks and Saturday we have DJ Dan Lewis. Sunday it’s time for our fortnightly queer meet-up Fruity Loops. Devon does a plug for the chocolate croquettes which they recently tried and LOVED for the crispy exterior and gooey chocolate centre.
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