Ms Botanica

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He said 'What are you waiting for Lady - go for it!'. A few hours later he called back and said ‘Whatever it is you decide to do, I want in.'

Lock in your next get-together or date because Yarraville’s Ms Botanica is calling! The charming spot offers top-shelf drinks and bougie bar snacks that you don’t wanna miss.

The brainchild of long-time friends and Yarraville locals Stacie Sinclair and Scott Rice, Ms Botanica is a gin-focused bar where the relaxing and welcoming vibes are just right.

“Scott and I met when our kids were in primary school. A friend owned this building and I rang Scott to get his advice about my idea for turning the space into a bar. He said ‘What are you waiting for Lady – go for it!’. A few hours later he called back and said ‘Whatever it is you decide to do, I want in.’” laughs Stacie.

Stacie’s vision for Ms Botanica is clear: “I wanted to create a venue I’d want to go to.” So Ms Botanica isn’t a snooty joint; it’s all about feeling at home and not taking yourself too seriously (case in point: have a look at the names of house cocktails).

And the lush decor? Insta-worthy, my friends. Don’t forget to snap a selfie with the unofficial mascot, Percy the peacock!

While gin is heavily featured on the drinks list, you’ll also find other spirits and wines available at the bar. The curation favours Australian makers – and one day you may even see Ms Botanica’s own house gin in the mix.

Two weeks after Ms Botanica’s opening in December 2022, James Cornwall, a top-notch chef with a resume including London’s J Sheekey, Iki-jime and Cumulus Inc., came on board for a 12-month residency.

“The end of our first year of business was a great one & we were looking to keep the momentum going, whilst on the lookout for a new kitchen team. Enter local Chef, Chris Krugel – whose wife slid into my DM’s unbeknownst to him. He had hung his apron up during Covid & was driving trucks, however his passion was for cooking & he was itching to get back into the kitchen after a trip to Singapore in 2023,” explains Stacie.

A Chef with a career spanning 25-years, Chris’ cooking has been influenced by his travels & work overseas – more locally with stints at Copper Pot in Seddon & The Baths in Sorrento. He is technically-trained in French cuisine, lately though; tapping more into his South African roots, whilst giving himself room to explore other cuisines.

Think Tuna and Mussel Gilda, Steak Tartare Rosti’s and Koesister Donuts – a South African sweet with cinnamon, cardamom coconut & citrus syrup profile.

The food all has a focus on local, ethically sourced and sustainability-focused producers.

So, if you’re out west and searching for a good time, Ms Botanica is the spot. Whether you find Stacie crafting killer cocktails or Scott cracking jokes behind the bar, you’re in for a treat. Ms Botanica is the gin bar of your dreams.

Learn more on the Ms Botanica website