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“WCIG provides employment, disability, youth and training services across Melbourne and Geelong. We have been around for more than thirty years and LoveLuvo, our retail store, opened in 2011,” explains LoveLuvo store manager Jessica Sims.

LoveLuvo’s central ethos is that ‘the good you do comes back to you.’

The social enterprise store in Seddon is part of Westgate Community Initiatives Group Ltd (WCIG) and offers work opportunities for people experiencing barriers to employment.

LoveLuvo stocks bath, body and home care products, focusing on eco-friendly locally sourced sustainable products.

They’re perhaps best known for their refillable body care, hair care and cleaning products.

Jessica explains: “The way it works is that you purchase a bottle of body care, hair care and cleaning product and then bring that bottle back when it’s empty to get it refilled. You can also bring your own bottle to refill from our taps.”

“It’s a way for us to help cut down on single-use plastics and be more sustainable and eco-friendly.”

Jessica’s favourite refillable product is the lemon myrtle, mandarin and orange hand and body wash and customers also love the lemongrass dishwashing liquid.

A particular hit during the colder months is LoveLuvo’s line of aromatic bath salts – the smell of the essential oils always delights customers when they walk into the store. They can easily sell forty kilograms of bath salts during the peak winter season!

All of LoveLuvo’s products are natural with no nasties, so you can trust that it ticks all the right boxes. Local suppliers make their refillable products and on-site staff do all the decanting and labelling.

As well as supplying their own bath, body, and home care lines, LoveLuvo supports different local organisations and social enterprises by stocking their products.

“For example, we stock Sister Works’ reusable masks, sanitary pads, nursing pads and tote bags. We also support KE Design, which makes microfibre tea towels, as part of a social enterprise based in Brunswick.

“Most recently, we started stocking UPmovement socks, a company that sells bright and colourful socks. A hundred per cent of their profits go to help build prosthetic limbs and restore mobility in low-income and war-torn countries.”

Jessica believes that the reason LoveLuvo has great loyalty within the local community is because of its ethos.

“Customers trust that the products are high quality, sustainable and ethically sourced; that their purchase helps to provide more jobs for those who find barriers to work; and it all goes back into the community and to support those in need.”

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