Lay Low Bar

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"You get a good surprise when you walk through the small front door"

Step into the seductive world of Lay Low Bar and it feels like you’re walking into a chilled out party you didn’t know you were invited to.

“You get a good surprise when you walk through the small front door,” owner Liam Shepherd chuckles. “There’s a real wow factor in the interior design.”

And he’s not kidding. It’s as if you’ve stumbled upon Aladdin’s cave – but instead of a genie, you get an array of killer cocktails that hit right where you want it.

“Our two bartenders are like chefs; the recipes they come up with are so creative. I give them full licence to play with ingredients and offer samples to customers to test out their ideas.

“While you can get a classic margarita or espresso martini here, we want to put our own creations at the forefront. You won’t find cocktails like our Purple Lady – a gin-based cocktail with butterfly pea – anywhere else.”

While Lay Low has been on the radar for one of Melbourne’s best bars since 2019, the new owner Liam has some ideas in store to put his own stamp on the place.

He’s changed up the cocktail specials, installed happy hour from 5-6pm on Thursdays to Sundays and brought in mellow live music on Thursday nights. There are plans for outdoor footpath seating as the weather warms up.

He’s also passionate about getting to know the customers, so can often be found taking orders and having a chat with the locals.

For Lay Low’s next incarnation, what won’t change is its vibe – the upmarket but comfortable feel; the hands-on, personal touches and a place where mixology meets creativity.

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