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“We didn’t want to limit our customers’ food options. We don’t purport to be good at food so we didn’t want to cook food. We’d rather leave that to people who know what they’re doing and not limit a customer’s choices to a parma or a burger.”

Malaysia is not typically known for its craft beer scene, which is why Adrian Chong thought it was the perfect opportunity to be a pioneer in his home country.

“I have always loved beer and kept wondering why people were still drinking rubbish when there was so much great tasting stuff out there,” laughs Adrian. “So I opened Malaysia’s first craft beer bar in 2011 with my brother and cousins. It was so successful that when I migrated to Australia with my wife Wai Lee I thought we could build a similar business in Melbourne.”

After the couple both decided that their legal jobs were no longer for them, Adrian and Wai Lee opened Hopheads in 2015 in their local neighbourhood, Point Cook.

The runaway success of the Point Cook store encouraged the pair to expand to a second store in Altona in 2018. Hopheads Yarraville is their third store.

Customers can browse from the twelve beer fridges in the bottle shop or relax with a pint of one of the regularly rotating Australian and international beers on tap.

All food is BYO, so you have the flexibility to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, from wherever you want.

While each Hopheads location looks different, adapting to its local community, you can expect the same enthusiasm and service in every store, whether you’re sitting down at the bar or buying from the bottle shop.

“Our goal with Hopheads has been the same since day one. We want to give people access to good beer!”

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