Gigi’s Gelato

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“Unlike most gelatarias outside of Italy, we make everything from scratch in the kitchen, where gelato is crafted and enhanced so that people can relish and experience this authentic Italian delicacy as if they were in Italy.”

Nestled in the heart of Yarraville, is Gigi’s Gelato. An authentic gelataria to indulge any sweet tooth.

Chef Luigi ‘Gigi’ Pozzoli opened Gigi’s Gelato with his wife Sue Yong in March earlier this year. Born and raised in Milan, Gigi was determined to spread the culture of fresh Italian artisan gelato in a city where it would be appreciated.

“Gelato represents Italy and we want people to know what real Italian gelato tastes like,” Gigi explains.

Why is Gigi’s Gelato so unique?

It is one of the select few gelatarias in Melbourne that creates both the pastries and gelato from scratch.

This gelato is free from chemicals, artificial colours or flavour, and is all about harnessing the natural flavours of the ingredients.

Making gelato is a science, explains Gigi – a “chemical equation” focused on bringing out rich flavours and carefully balancing them with chef’s knowledge and expertise to get an irresistible taste.

The recipes are based on the philosophy of simple and fresh produce – milk, cream, fresh eggs and sugar – combined with the highest quality ingredients to create flavours that are pure and intense.

Try the tiramisu made with world-renowned mascarpone cheese from Lombardy, Gianduja from Piedmont, or Cassata from Sicily.

“Our gelato is based on quality without compromise,” Gigi explains.

“We change our flavours every day, combining the freshest ingredients and spices.

“Every flavour has a story behind it, deeply rooted in the Italian culture and tradition.”

Gigi’s Gelato is open Wednesday through Sunday and is a great option to combine with a visit to the Sun Theatre around the corner.

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Image Credits @Freshly Snapped Photography