African Taste

  • Food & Drink

At African Taste you can take a culinary trip around a whole continent without leaving Seddon.

Chef Binyam Tesfation’s journey to African Taste started in Eritrea, via a Mexican restaurant in Greece and an Italian kitchen at Crown Melbourne.

He opened the small, intimate African Taste in 2008 because he wanted to introduce African cuisine to locals – though you’ll find some unexpected twists in his menu.

The pan-African menu spans Ethiopia, Eritrea, Egypt, Sudan and Morocco, which can be a bit daunting if you’re a first time visitor. Binyam suggests trying the spongy, tangy injera accompanied by creamy chicken doro tibs.

There’s also a tangent into less traditional pairings, such as the Genfo African Fufu – gnocchi-style dumplings made from barley flour bathed in a creamy red berbere-infused sauce and a dollop of natural yoghurt.

There’s even an African enchilada with spicy chicken marinated in African herbs oven baked with cheese and crispy pita bread.

“The menu hasn’t changed much in the twelve years that I’ve been in Seddon,” says Binyam. “The first customer who walked in still visits me today – and he’s become a friend. This is why I love what I do!”

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