Gift Shopping In The Inner West: Your Ultimate Guide

Whether you’re chasing an artisanal necklace, the latest novel, or a potted green companion, the Westside’s got your back for the perfect gift.

Whether you’re chasing an artisanal necklace, the latest novel, or a potted green companion, the Westside’s got your back for the perfect gift.

Nestled within the suburbs of this artsy, vibrant area are quirky boutiques and local brands that you won’t find in your everyday shopping mall.

So ditch the generic brands, step away from that online shopping cart, and dive into the quaint streets of the Inner West for gift options that scream personality, flair, and local love.

Sedonia, Seddon

When two art student besties combine their passion, you get Sedonia.

This hub in the heart of Seddon overflows with artistic inspiration. Nicola and Inge, the wonder women behind this gem, curate every product with love, emphasising the beauty of design over fleeting trends.

A treasure trove of Australian creativity and a sprinkle of Scandinavian design, Sedonia promises items that are more than just products; they’re stories, experiences, and a piece of the creator’s soul.


Location: 41 Gamon St, Seddon

Contact: 0404 903 060

Far Fetched Designs, Seddon

Belinda and Rachael, the dynamic duo of Far Fetched Designs, celebrate the charm of handcrafted magic.

Their store isn’t just shelves filled with items; it’s a gallery of stories. Each piece, often locally crafted, has a tale, a creator, and a journey. Walking into Far Fetched Designs is like attending a party of Melbourne’s most talented makers, and you’re invited.


Location: 84 Charles St, Seddon

Contact: 0491 110 374

Invite Me, Yarraville

Invite Me is more than just a name; it’s a personal invitation to create the best party experience.

Step into Amanda Parker Jones’ beautifully curated world of party delights and toys that are a sheer treat to the senses. Whether you’re hunting for quirky stationery, a child’s gift, or an exclusive local artwork, Invite Me has your back.

Best part? The colour. You’ll find no bland beige here, with every item practically popping off the shelf thanks to their vibrant hues.


Location: 66 Anderson St, Yarraville

Contact: 9318 9330

Lonni, Yarraville

Looking for a boutique where sustainability marries style? Welcome to Lonni. This Yarraville beauty, under the watchful eye of local lass Roselyn, is a testament to the belief that fashion doesn’t have to be fleeting.

Their selection? Timeless. Their ethos? Quintessentially Australian. Dive in for a gift hunt or a wardrobe upgrade that doesn’t just look good but feels right.


Location: 28 Ballarat St, Yarraville

Contact: 0404 947 511

Creative House, Yarraville

Creative House by Anna Cesile was born as a ceramic studio and has since morphed into a gift wonderland in Yarraville.

Each corner of this store whispers tales of meticulous curation, be it from local artisans or the rich traditions of Indonesian villages. And if you’re keen on gifting a piece of Anna’s heart, her Cesile label promises unique designs that are as beautiful as the stories behind them.


Location: 14 Ballarat St, Yarraville

Contact: 9362 0770

Standard Issue, Yarraville

The beauty of Standard Issue isn’t skin deep – and it’s certainly not standard.

This Yarraville boutique champions sustainability with style, merging the latest in fashion with eco-conscious values. Nestled amidst Yarraville’s bustling streets, this gem offers designer pieces that ooze flair without neglecting Mother Earth.

It’s not all about fashion-forward thinking; there’s a nod to the timeless too. And the best part? You’re not just gifting a brand; you’re embracing an ethos that values Mother Earth as much as couture.

Next time you’re hunting for that perfect present, remember: fashion’s future is here, and it’s eco-fabulous.


Location: 60 Anderson St, Yarraville

Contact: 0412 389 471


Simple Form, Seddon

Entering Simple Form is akin to stepping into a global design haven. It’s a blend of Scandinavian simplicity with Japanese elegance.

The minimalist space reverberates with understated charm from every corner. Every piece, be it a delicate vase or a bold artwork, has been handpicked to resonate with the soul, not just the eyes.

Whether you’re hunting for a quirky home accessory or a striking art piece, you’ll find the gift that doesn’t just fill a space, but elevates it.


Location: 95 Charles St, Seddon

Contact: 9041 5296


Kith & Kin, Seddon

Sasha Wicker’s vision of a coastal-inspired boutique has blossomed into the perfect gift-shopping stop, Kith & Kin.

Driftwood displays, linen dreams, and even dinosaur fossils – it’s a store where you find the unexpected. From garments that rustle with memories of sea breezes to trinkets that evoke nostalgic adventures, every item tells a tale. Each product feels like it’s been handpicked from a childhood memory, making it a heartwarming stop to stock up on presents.


Location: 154A Victoria St, Seddon

Contact: 0480 321 994


Second Empire Jewellers, Yarraville

A trip to Second Empire is an intimate jewellery consultation. Delight in their array of exquisite pieces, each crafted with passion and precision. Here, each jewel carries a whisper of history, every glint holds a secret, and every design is a testament to craft and creativity.

Thinking of remodelling grandma’s vintage ring or creating a unique piece for a special someone? The artisans here are not just sellers; they’re storytellers, weaving narratives into every intricate design.

Tailored jewellery, remodelled heirlooms, or a simple resize, this jeweller’s nook does it all.


Location: 3/277 Barkly St, Footscray

Contact: 0432 770 112


The Chestnut Tree, West Footscray

Books have always been the perfect gift. They are doorways to other worlds, and The Chestnut Tree ensures each doorway contributes to our world’s green future.

Browse through the meticulously curated shelves, and you’re not just finding your next read; you’re contributing to a greener tomorrow as every purchase contributes to reforestation programs. With over 30,000 trees already planted, this bookshop ensures every page you turn supports our beautiful bushland.


Location: 542 Barkly St, West Footscray

Contact: 0459 745 889


Offshoot, Seddon

Give the gift of greenery with Offshoot in Seddon. A studio that curates green dreams for any home, it’s an oasis for the botanical enthusiast. From ferns to fiddle leaf figs, every plant promises more than just aesthetics; they offer a breath of fresh air in every sense.

Whether you’re looking for a pot plant to give to a friend or expert advice, Offshoot ensures you leave with a piece of nature.


Location: 86 Charles St, Seddon