Haiki & Co.

  • Food & Drink

The word ‘haiki’ also means ‘integrity’ in Japanese, which aligns beautifully with what Kinski and Hai aim to create with their business.

Haiki & Co. is a predominantly takeaway food business and the first venture for hospitality all-rounder Kinski Dsa and food-lover Hai Ho, located in quiet residential Braybrook.

“We met while I was working at a local cafe. Hai was a regular customer, and over the years, we just got chatting about what I wanted to do and my dream of starting something of my own,” explains Kinski. “Eventually, the opportunity came up to sublease this kitchen so we decided to go into business together.”

The name Haiki & Co. is a combination of Hai and Kinski’s names (Hai + Ki), and the Co refers to the local Braybrook community that they serve.

“This site was a fish and chip shop for over thirty years, so I have lots of customers share their stories and memories of how it was back in the day. It’s also the inspiration for one of our most popular dishes – our fish and chips.”

“We use local produce and focus on keeping things simple,” says Hai. “Also the kitchen here is open so you can stand at the counter and watch Kinski and his team cooking. What you see is what you get.”

“The menu is what I call a ‘beautiful mix’,” laughs Kinski. “I guess you could call it fusion – there’s a bit of Italian, a bit of Indian, a bit of Turkish –  but mainly we aim to cater for what our customers want. That’s why we’ll never take the fish and chips or our beef burgers off the menu, and during winter, our daily pies are a big hit.”

As their sublease is just for a limited time, Kinski and Hai view Haiki & Co. as a testing ground to build towards owning a fully-fledged restaurant eventually.

“The whole concept of Haiki & Co. is simple food done well and to serve our local community. That’s what we want to be known for.”

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