Est 1906

  • Food & Drink

It’s rare to find a big backyard in inner city Melbourne, so westside families in-the-know head to Est 1906 where there is plenty of space for little ones to roam.

The shopfront on Charles Street looks narrow, but you’ll be surprised to discover that the cafe expands into numerous dining sections – a huge main room, a secluded back room, a front room that can double as a meeting room and even a sunny courtyard.

“The demographics of Seddon means that there are lots of young families, so we work hard to make the cafe family-friendly (and pet-friendly),” explains Kevin. “Parents groups come and visit us often because we have a large dining area with lots of room for prams, a spacious grassy courtyard and even toys and books for kids to enjoy.”

Local residents working from home also like to take advantage of the airy meeting area, with a communal table, high benches looking out onto the street and free wifi. There’s a readily available supply of coffee, biscuits, pastries and even gelato.

On the menu proper you can expect cafe standards with an occasional Asian twist. Currently their most popular dish is a Japanese prawn pasta, a perfect light meal for warmer months. The kitchen garden even supplies the parsley, lemon and spring onions as garnish.

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