Baby Snakes

  • Food & Drink

“When you climb up the colourful stairs of Baby Snakes, we want you to feel excited. The colours are there to set the mood: ‘this is going to be fun!’”

Hidden upstairs of a 100-year-old Footscray building on Chambers Street is the sorbet-hued Baby Snakes, Mark Nelson’s latest hospitality venture.

“I think it’s an exciting time to be in Footscray,” smiles Mark. “There’s a great mix of cultures and people, and I wanted to be part of it. This empty space came up, and I thought it was a great opportunity to create a place to bring all these people together.”

Mark’s last two bars had been very wine-focused, so for Baby Snakes he wanted to branch out into a space that had a broader, more accessible feel – a casual place that made drinking fun.

“That’s how I came up with the name Baby Snakes too – it was a cute word combination that evokes fun and makes people curious.”

Baby Snakes was slated to open on 1 April 2020, but lockdowns meant that they were only able to start trading on and off from December 2020.

Now the venue is renowned for its Sunday sessions featuring live music, a rotating DJ lineup on weekends and one-off collaborations with cool dining venues such as Superchido in Seddon.

“We offer a small selection of classic wine bar snacks – cheese, charcuterie – so we really encourage our customers to order pizza from our downstairs neighbours at Slice Shop. They’ll even deliver it up the stairs to your table!”

Mark recommends pairing your food with his favourite drink, the peanut butter old-fashioned, or in summer, the frozen sour apple slushie cocktail. The Montenegro sour is a year-long favourite, while classic cocktails are often given a seasonal twist.

In the future, look out for more collaborations, larger events and maybe laneway parties. Baby Snakes is guaranteed to bring the good times, with good drinks and good people coming together!