Sustainable Floral Ceramic Base Design for Table Setting

June 8, 2024

Floristry Workshop

Have you ever dreamt of creating breathtaking floral arrangements that would make your loved one swoon?  Well, dream no more because our Sustainable Floral Ceramic Design class for beginners is here to turn your floral fantasies into reality!

You will learn the art of creating sustainable arrangements using seasonal blooms [market fresh] and being kind to our environment.

Our workshop is designed to unleash your inner artist and teach you the secrets of captivating floral designs. You will leave this workshop with a whole new range of floristry skills.

Liza Rose, is a Floral Stylist, Graphic Designer, and Micro Events Manager based in Melbourne. She studied ‘Floral Design’ at Melbourne Flower School in 2021. She has had a career in Graphic and Digital Design, specialising in packaging and graduating with a postgraduate degree in Master of Design(Graphic Communication) from R.M.I.T in 2012.
With a wide-ranging background encompassing the realms of Creative Design and a keen aptitude for guiding artistic direction in the field of photography, she brings a plethora of skill sets and expertise to the table.

Let your creativity blossom! All materials will be provided.