Fringe Westside: The Astonishing Comet Boombox

October 17, 2023

- October 21, 2023

A comedy of post-internet truth and AI manipulation that takes an unexpected turn.

Tech influencer, Retro, and her childhood AI, Comet, have a blockbuster relationship podcast. They are beacons of hope for human and AI relations. But a secret affair leads to a public meltdown, revealing the pathological lying that’s been maintaining their relationship.

The Astonishing Comet Boombox is a wild, multi-generational tale of two former best friends in a public fall-out, playing on either sides of a war, reuniting on an Esther Perel podcast, and going on an ancestral journey to the motherboard factory where it all began.

Surreal, wild, and wickedly funny, The Astonishing Comet Boombox is an incisive exploration of human-AI dynamics.

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