September 24, 2023

Fruity Loops is a wholesome and low-key sesh for queer peeps to make new friends and hang with their besties. Bring your open heart, favourite board games, knitting, Dad jokes or just yourself to Littlefoot on Sunday arvos fortnightly 6-9pm. The courtyard will be reserved just for Loopers so it’s a super safe space. Look out for anyone wearing round Littlefoot stickers (like on the graphic), they’ll be official/unofficial hosts and they will make you feel welcome (because they’re awesome). We’ll also have stickers for names and pronouns to make it easier to get to know each other 🙂 Feel free to come early if that makes you more comfortable and of course you can stay on longer. The kitchen closes at 9.30 and the bar closes at 11pm Sundays. There’s also a private Facebook group to help our community make connections and chat WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU.