Fringe Westside: In Common

October 13, 2023

- October 15, 2023

Event Update: Unfortunately this evening’s performance (12 October) is cancelled due to the forecast rain and wind. Please join us at 6pm tomorrow for the first show!

Wander through Footscray Mall and stumble upon an impossible structure built from steel and rope held aloft with floating, invisible tension. A thrilling new work by Melbourne’s own One Fell Swoop Circus, In Common sees the impossible tensegrity structure/sculpture brought to life by the company’s signature style of acrobatics – heartfelt, powerful, and intimate.

Virtuosic acrobatics and intricate choreography guide you through a visceral understanding of the care we owe others in our community and the safety nets we collectively weave.

An exploration of tension both structural and relational, In Common lets you experience the joy of throwing yourself into someone else’s arms and the warm weight of bearing them.

Created by: One Fell Swoop Circus
Performed by: Charice Rust, Jonathan Morgan, Easa Min-Swe, Claire Bindoff, Shona Morgan, Rachel Locks, Roya The Destroya, and Sarah Gray

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In Common is also being performed during Melbourne Fringe at:
Gasworks Arts Park, Albert Park 6-8 October
Federation Square, Melbourne 18-22 October

The Footscray presentation of In Common is supported by Maribyrnong City Council.