Unleash your inner monster with this AI-charged avatar experience.

Ever wondered what kind of monster lives inside? Guài can show you.

This immersive augmented-reality mirror uses state-of-the-art technology to map your face (and emotions), and then transforms you into a fantastical monster avatar that reflects the uniqueness of you. AI are the two letters on everybody’s lips – but what does it mean when this man-made technology makes monstrous choices? How do we feel when AI judges and defines us?

With stunning visuals and bespoke sound design, Guài is a unique and playful experience for kids that deconstructs AI’s alienating power and turns it into a fun personality-tester with beastly results. Step up to the mirror and see what the AI sees – you’ll never look at your little monsters the same way again.

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Age suitability: 10+

Presented by: Melbourne Fringe and Footscray Community Arts

Created by: Mindy Meng Wang and Monica Lim Contributing

In Collaboration with: Henry Lai-Pyne, Giovanna Yate Gonzalez, Savanna Wegman